“I cant find anyhting normal to read!”

These were the words of a young teen in a Borders Bookshop a few years ago. And she was right. There wasn’t anything ‘normal’ for her to read. She was simply confirming how there was a gap in the market for young tweens and teenagers. Anything without magic wands, dinosaurs crashing through the garden, morphing, […]

Out on a limb, doing the unthinkable. Offering them something ‘real’ to read…

Since the amazing Harry Potter phenomenon, it seems that there has been nothing to offer 11-16 year olds to read other than magic, fantasy, or teens killing each other off… all very cool, but what happened to real characters in real situations? Are books with believable characters really dead now? Do we really have to […]

The Little Gem On My Desk

I was given this little gem of a lamp, years ago, by my husband’s aunt, who knew I loved ancient history and archaeology. She was given it by a friend of hers, who apparently found it on a dig in Cheshire in the 1960’s. Apart from it’s cute, delicate, distinct ‘Bee Hive’ style, which seems […]

Salute to Stonehenge

Last night I arrived back in America, and as I usually do, I felt a little sad at leaving England behind. The feeling doesn’t last too long though, I soon switch into ‘America Mode’ and all is well again before my suitcase has made an appearance on the conveyor belt the Philadelphia end. But this […]

How a trip to the movies changed everything

At twelve, I already had a strange liking for the desert, subconciously planning an escape to far away lands. Coming from an extremely strict home, where order and neatness was the absolute rule, a life so restricted one couldn’t sit down for fear of spoiling the look of the imaculately puffed up sofa cushions, or […]