Author of exciting YA adventures, with a difference



Caroline Ludovici writes down-to-earth, believable family adventures for anyone from 11 to 111, who shares a love of history and travel, and who is just a little curious about the world around us…

Her books are set with a dramatic backdrop of history and archaeology, as four teenagers, two Italian and two English, get into deep trouble while visiting their archaeologist parent’s excavations at different sites around the world; Down-to-earth, believable and exciting stories that are so real you will believe you are really there!

Caroline was born and raised in central London and from an early age has had a keen interest in ancient history, archaeology and hot desolate places. Whenever possible, she would take off from the bustle of city life and visit ancient archaeological sites in the far reaches of the world, soaking up the true history and culture of different lands and its peoples.

Her love of writing started early too, but because of a lifetime struggle with spelling it was only since the wonders of spellcheck that she has felt confident enough to share this love for adventure, history and archaeology with others, through her exciting fictional stories.

The Obsidian Mask is the first book in a series where four teens, Natasha, Alex, Lorenzo and Gabriella first meet while visiting their parents archaeological excavation while they uncover the tomb of an ancient Mesopotamian queen.This family adventure will spark the imagination of anyone from 11 to 111 years old.

The Obsidian Mask is followed by the sequel, Secrets of The River, based in Italy, where the parents are excavating in Pisa, and the four uncover an incredible historical secret.

The third book, the Irish Queen of Algiers, is still under construction… Coming soon!


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