“I cant find anyhting normal to read!”

These were the words of a young teen in a Borders Bookshop a few years ago. And she was right. There wasn’t anything ‘normal’ for her to read. She was simply confirming how there was a gap in the market for young tweens and teenagers. Anything without magic wands, dinosaurs crashing through the garden, morphing, murderous teens, never ending journeys with countless monsters to decapitate, or galactic adventures in the stars, was very hard to find. This magical, far-fetched dystopian world is all very well, but there is nothing else out there! What about an adventure involving real families, teens doing real, believable things, getting into real scrapes and real trouble. What is there on the bookshelves for a child who wants to read something ‘normal’?

Not much! And so, I wrote The Obsidian Mask.

I wanted to give children the sort of adventures I grew up with. A sort of updated Enid Blyton on steroids. Deeper, more involved, more interesting and exciting, yet something we can all relate to. I wanted to take readers across the world to somewhere completely different, somewhere interesting where they have never been. Let’s give them an adventure they’ll never forget. Let the place be real, googlable, let them learn something to trigger their imagination … but let’s keep it ‘normal’.

My passion is history, archaeology, preserving the past. Wow! I was away!

Put two families in the heart of an excavation in the Mesopotamian desert and what do you get? The beginnings of a perfect plot. Two teens from Milan staying with their archaeologist father, Marcello, the flamboyant director of the dig, and two from London staying with their archaeologist mother, Julia, on the team working with him, was the setting of a great story that would develop into an exciting, down-to-earth trilogy, (or who knows, series). No monsters, no mummies staggering out of tombs half alive, just a backdrop of real archaeology, international adventures based around a different archaeological site every book. Jealousy, love, danger, a first crush and deep, developing characters. And what’s more, we will learn a little history too. What’s wrong with realistic, believable stories? No one is writing them.

Book two, Secrets Of The River is about to be launched, and the four teens, Lorenzo, Natasha Gabriella and Alex are in Italy. While Marcello, the Italian father and director of the dig is excavating a cashe of ancient Etruscan ships under the railway station in Pisa, (a real dig, which had sadly been halted due to lack of funds at the moment) the four teens have a dangerous adventure unravelling the true identity of someone very close to home, but they soon discover the hard way that some secrets are better left burried.

Book three is under way.

See more about my books at http://www.carolineludovici.com


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