They Blew the Parthenon Up!

The Lost Works Department

With all the recent talk of the Elgin Marbles going back to Greece, this is a good time to talk about the Parthenon – that amazing piece of Greek history and architecture.

Personally, I think the Marbles, which were (are) important parts of the Parthenon, should go back to their birthplace – and so should lots of other pieces of history torn from their homeland, including other pieces of the Parthenon held around the world.

Elgin Marbles, British Museum. Elgin Marbles, British Museum.

Bearing this in mind, the worst thing to happen to Parthenon was nothing to do with the British and their dubiously authorised removal – and damage – of the Marbles, but how the Parthenon was used as an ammunition magazine in the 17th century – and then nearly blown to smithereens!

It was 1687, and there was war between the Ottoman Empire, who controlled Greece, and the Republic of…

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One thought on “They Blew the Parthenon Up!

  1. Correct – about the first part of your comment. I was speaking in terms of countries that are, and should remain politically stable in the future, although history tells us no-one is ultimately stable. I hadn’t thought about compensation, which is a great idea, and shows other countries that the West is not a totally greedy and selfish system, which I guess many think.

    And on the issue of Iraq, I am going to write a post on the Arch of Ctesiphon at some point. Unbelievable building.


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