Stone Tape – How Lost Information Could Be Recovered

I’m not convinced… the mind can conjure up all kinds of magic under the right circumstances

The Lost Works Department

One morning in February 1953, a young trainee plumber called Harry Martindale was sent down alone into the cellar of the Treasurer’s House in York. He had been given the grim and lonely task of making a hole in the ceiling for a central heating pipe to come through. Harry had brought a set of ladders with him, and he made use of a conveniently-located excavation trench to safely foot them. He then placed the footed ladders against the wall where the hole was to be made and began to chisel.

Treasurer's House, York. Treasurer’s House, York.

Not realising just how thick the ceiling was, he had to return a second day, bringing extensions to the chisels from the company workshop. He then started the work again. A few hours later, he heard a sound which he thought was one of his colleagues playing a radio higher up in the house. He…

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3 thoughts on “Stone Tape – How Lost Information Could Be Recovered

  1. I’m not convinced either.

    I have never seen a ghost or anything move, or such like.

    The only reason I wrote the article was because a friend mine told me about a similar thing happening to him. He only mentioned it after I mentioned the Treasurer’s House event.

    There is a section of Roman Road coming out of Ilkley – Olicana in Roman times. It comes over the moors to a place called Burley Woodhead and a lane called Occupation Lane where he said he saw a 5-thick column of Roman soldiers, coming down the lane – which made him retreat very quickly. This was in the 1970’s, at dusk on some day he can’t remember the date of.

    I have so grilled him about it, to the point he is annoyed – but that’s my job.

    The Roman road eventually goes to Eboracum. It has led me to write a story about it all for a competition in a magazine.

    In Ilkley, there was a revolt by the Brigantes in 155 AD. I think they’d had enough of the Romans, or perhaps there was sign from their gods.

    This is where I come in.


  2. It is all pretty fascinating. I wish then, if this is were possible, that someone would be able to see in detail those who had built Stonehenge, or the struggles of those building any of the dozens of pyramids of Egypt. That would be amazing.
    I Wonder, though, why Romans on a road get noticed and not seeing ghosts of say, those who had built or lived in the Treaserer’s House in York.. they dont get a peep in, as it is too mundane and recent. Think of every stone home in England… something eventful would have happened in every house, but it isnt quite as exciting as it is a Roman army walking past you.. its all pretty fascinating though… and they say dogs see more than we can..


    • The Treasurer’s House has lots of other ghosts from after the time it was built, believe me. But maybe it’s walking on stone and so having permanent contact with it that sets this off. And with so many Roman roads connected to so many other, maybe physically, the message is given a boost. And the sheer numbers of those walking over it for perhaps 400 years might make it more likely for the event to be initiated in the first place, under the correct but rare conditions.

      At Stonehenge you might not even touch the stones unless you were moving them, and you wouldn’t be walking on them and have interconnectivity for an extended period. The pyramids… That’s getting right into the middle of stone… Imagine, you are halfway through construction and walking on the flat top, long before the pointy bit is added. An event occurs which sets a ghost sighting in motion and so it is stored FOR ALL ETERNITY! Unfortunately the ghosts are now running around inside more stone and never get seen.

      But there ARE ghost stories about them, too! I won’t say Khufu. I wouldn’t dare…

      Anyway, for me, it just makes a great story. And perhaps a future investigation with proper equipment.


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