Groovy Quote Of the Day (Sophocles)

Originally posted on GroovyHistorian:
Sophocles was bon 497/6 – and died on winter 406/5 BC) he was one of there ancient greek tragedians whose plays have survived.Firstly his plays were written later than of those of Aeschylus and earlier of than or his comtemporary of euripdes , however according to suda in 10 century encyclopaedia ,…

“I cant find anyhting normal to read!”

These were the words of a young teen in a Borders Bookshop a few years ago. And she was right. There wasn’t anything ‘normal’ for her to read. She was simply confirming how there was a gap in the market for young tweens and teenagers. Anything without magic wands, dinosaurs crashing through the garden, morphing, […]

Out on a limb, doing the unthinkable. Offering them something ‘real’ to read…

Since the amazing Harry Potter phenomenon, it seems that there has been nothing to offer 11-16 year olds to read other than magic, fantasy, or teens killing each other off… all very cool, but what happened to real characters in real situations? Are books with believable characters really dead now? Do we really have to […]